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Pre-Congress Session

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ESVCP 2022 ECVCP Pre-Congress Session
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Hotel Metropol Palace, Belgrade, Serbia


Laboratory Quality Management,
managing expectations

The objective of this course is to provide, as practical as possible, an overview of methods and techniques to evaluate and improve the quality of the laboratory output. The participants should be able, at the end of the day, to choose which instrument could be applied in their own working environment to define and to monitor the desired quality.

Edutainement (education as well as entertainment) will be the driving force of all presentations.

This bell curve depicts the various levels of expectations in any specific case. It has the form of a bell curve as many natural phenomena do. In this way we have to focus on the average to obtain the best number of satisfied customers. Which is fine however it is a know fact that the lower 10% of serious under expectations can negatively influence you service as a veterinary biological laboratory.

Even if you don’t know any thing of statistics you would be able to follow and learn from this course. The only thing you need is a clear mind and common sense. However if you have some knowledge about statistics we will be happy to bring you to the next level. The level of the course can be described as ‘intermediate’.

This course will be unique because the worlds of general quality management will meet with human as well as veterinary laboratory medicine. It is a one of a kind opportunity to broaden your vision and look over the fence into other scientific areas and estimate if application within your own practical situation is possible and useful for you and your clients. By doing so you enhance and manage your current and future expectations.

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Hope to see you in Belgrade in October,

Henk Goldschmidt, chairperson and Kathy Freeman, co-chairperson.


Chair: Henk MJ Goldschmidt
Co-chair: Kathleen Freeman

Date: Wednesday, 5th October 2022
Location: Lavender Room, Hotel Metropol Palace, Belgrade


Basic principles, statistics in biology: from a medical point of view, Henk Goldschmidt, Tilburg, The Netherlands / On site

  • Concepts of CV, SD, and TE
  • Quality management system and method validation
  • Practical exercise

Basic principles, statistics in biology: from a veterinary point of view, Kathleen Freeman, Falkirk, Scotland, UK / On site

  • Method comparison studies, biological variation, and Critical Difference
  • Including practical exercise



Parametrical versus Non-parametrical statistics, Lieven Clement, Gent, Belgium / On line

  • Practical examples (from Student T test to Mann-Whitney U test),
  • What are the advantages, what the limitations?

Method evaluation and comparison, Lieven Clement / On line and Henk Goldschmidt / On site

  • Least Square Regression vs PB (future)
  • Evaluation protocols



Multivariate statistics, Henk Goldschmidt / On site

  • Multivariate statistics
  • Lundberg testing cycle, error detection, cluster, discriminant and time series,
  • Nexus model
  • Including interactive voting

Use and implementation of QMS, Henk Goldschmidt / On site

  • CLSI guidelines, ESVCP guidelines, ISO norms, CE label and the EFQM model,
  • Management tools
  • Including plenary discussion



Beyond QC to Risk Management, Zoe Brooks, Worthington, Canada / On line

  • Look beyond the stats – it doesn’t need to be so complicated!
  • Manage acceptable risk as the number and cost of error.
  • Including interactive voting to demonstrate potential savings.

The quality of POCT, Cameron Martin, Brisbane, Australia / On line

  • QC charts for POCT and graphical display.
  • What will the future bring?

Recommended readings:

  • Westgard. JO. Basic Method Validation and Verification, 4th edition. Training in Analytical Quality Management for Healthcare Laboratories. Westgard QC, Inc, 2020. Available through the Store at www.westgard.com
  • Flatland, B and Freeman, K. Quality in the Veterinary Medical Laboratory. University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine. e-Book in manuscript (anticipated publication 2023).